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Field Operation Guidelines

In order to provide the best possible customer experience, you are expected to adhere to the following:

Customer Service Standards

Appointments should not be changed without approval of Assembly Pros.
When entering the service location, make sure an adult is present.
Technicians/Contractors should avoid speaking negatively about any product make, model, or brand.
Always maintain friendly and professional communications, avoiding any foul language around a customer.
Always ensure the work site is cleaned prior to departing. Details for handling packaging and trash
Always complete appropriate sign-off before leaving site, whether printed form or electronic.
Always leave the site in a finished state, unless informing customer and Assembly Pros.
Any extra work requested by the customer must be approved by Assembly Pros.
Any sales of additional items or services must be approved by Assembly Pros.
Technicians/Contractors should not smoke, chew, or accept food and/or beverages even if offered by the Customer.
Technicians/Contractors should not use Customer’s restroom and/or facilities.
Technicians/Contractors should not discuss labor costs with customers.
Only technicians who are there to assist should accompany a Contractor to a customer’s home or business during an appointment.
Vehicles and trailers used by Technicians/Contractors to travel to customer’s home or business must be devoid of any bumper stickers that could be considered offensive and/or political in nature.
Technicians/Contractors should not borrow anything from the customer or ask for their assistance in completing the work.

Wardrobe/Appearance Standards

Shirts shall be clean, free of any advertising logo other than Assembly Pros, and free of holes or tears.
Pants shall be clean, free of any advertising logo other than Assembly Pros, and free of holes or tears.
Only hats/caps that are clean, free of any advertising logo other than Assembly Pros should be worn at any time.
Footwear must be compliant with OSHA safety regulations. Shoes and boots shall be clean and free of holes and tears, and shall be worn at all times for safety reasons.
Booties (shoe covers) need to be worn whenever possible entering a customer’s home in order to prevent soiling of flooring materials. Booties shall not be worn outside or when on ladders due to safety regulations.

Updated on: 31/03/2021

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