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In-Ground Basketball Goals

Scope of Work

In-ground basketball goal installation requires two separate visits, with a minimum of 72 hours between them. When you are offered an in-ground hoop installation job, the offer is one total payment that covers both phases of installation.


The job offer will indicate the day and appointment window for Phase 1 of the installation. If you accept the job, you are commiting to that day and time. Phase 2 scheduling is left up to you and the customer. We don't schedule Phase 2 at the same time we schedule Phase 1 in case there are weather issues or other delays that affect the completion of Phase 1.

Once you have completed Phase 1, schedule Phase 2 for a day and time that works for both you and the customer, and let us know of the agreed upon day and time so this appointment can be added to the master schedule.

Be sure to follow the Job Completion process for both phases of installation. Phase 1 and Phase 2 will be in our system as two separate jobs even though they are together one project. Closeout each visit as if it's its own job.


As with all other job types, we process payments for completed jobs daily Monday through Friday. Payment for in-ground basketball installation is initiated after confirmation of completion of both phases (two visits).

Quality Expectations

As with all of our services, we want our customers to be blown away with the results. With that being said, please keep the following in mind:
Always use a square form at the top of the footer. Simply digging a hole without a form at the top is ugly and unprofessional.
Use a float. The top of the footer should be smoothed to the best of your ability.
Always dig a square hole. Concrete poured into round holes can be more susceptible to shifting over time.
Hole must be dug to a depth no less than manufacturers' requirements.

Client Expectations

When a customer schedules an in-ground basketball goal installation, they agree to the In-Ground Basketball Goal Installation Terms. Please review these terms. If it comes to your attention during an installation that part of the terms are not being followed and will cause an issue on your end, please let us know immediately.
A few important highlights from the terms that our customers agree to:
Customer must have underground utilities marked prior to technician arrival.
Technician does not move or haul away dirt.
Water and power access must be available within 100' of installation site.
Direct access by truck and trailer to installation site required, otherwise an additional fee will be imposed.

Updated on: 08/01/2021

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