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Is Business Insurance Required?

As an independent contractor, you are operating your own business. For a variety of reasons it is always recommended that you have General Liability Insurance that will cover you in the event of a customer claim against you.

Having General Liability Insurance is not a requirement for using the Assembly Pros platform, but it is highly recommended.

Benefits of having proper insurance coverage:

Helps protect you and your assets against claims arising from accidental damage.
When multiple Providers request the same job, insurance status is one of the deciding factors as to who the job gets assigned to.
Gives the customer additional peace of mind that they've hired a true professional.
Some customers may require proof of insurance (COI) in order to perform work at their premises.

How to get coverage:

If you don't have General Liability Insurance, but would like to get it here are a few good options -
Talk to your current insurance agent.
Get a quick and easy quote online from Thimble Insurance.
Get a quick and easy quote online from Next Insurance.

Auto and Worker's Compensation Insurance:

As a provider with Assembly Pros, you are required to follow all state and local ordinances that may dictate the requirement, type, and coverage limits of auto insurance and worker's compensation insurance.

Updated on: 22/01/2021

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