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Job Claim Process

Job Claim Process Using Two-Way SMS

When a new job is available in your area, an automatic text message is sent containing the job details: date and time, location, service type, service details, and pay rate.

Make sure that the phone number you signed up with can send and receive text messages.

Available job notification example

Upon receiving notification of an available job, you have three choices:

If you're able to accept the job as priced and on the day and time listed, simply reply "Yes" to record your request to take the job. Please note, responding "Yes" does not automatically mean that you'll be assigned the job.

If you're not at all interested in the job, please respond "No". If you don't respond at all, and no other technician was able to take it, we may reach out with a phone call to see if you're interested. By responding "No" instead of simply ignoring the message, we can avoid calling you unnecessarily.

If you're interested in the job, but you have questions or scheduling conflicts, you can ask for a callback, or even go into detail through the text message. For example, let's say you want the job but aren't available on the indicated day and time. You could respond with something like "Interested but soonest availability is next Tuesday."
While parts of the text message exchange are automated, you can still interact with an Assembly Pros representative through it. If the system doesn't recognize the command, it will be sent to a human.

Job Assignment:

Remember, requesting or "claiming" a job doesn't automatically mean that it will be assigned to you.
If the job is assigned to you, you'll receive a separate text message notification. You will typically be informed within a few hours if you were assigned the job.

Currently notifications are only sent for jobs that get assigned to you; if you request a job but it doesn't get assigned to you, a notification is not sent.

Job assigned notification example

Updated on: 12/12/2020

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