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Sending ETA

Letting the Customer Know When You're En Route

It is important to always let the customer know when you're on your way. At least a 30 minute notice is preferable.

Sending ETA Text Message via App

You can easily send a text message from within the mobile app that will send a text message to the customer indicating how far away you are.

Sending an ETA

The customer will receive the following message:

SMS to Customer

The message is sent to the customer using a toll-free number, not your personal phone number.

If the "Share ETA" Button is not Displayed

Sometimes a customer may specifically opt out of SMS notifications. If that is the case, the "Share ETA" button will not be visible. When that happens, you should call the customer to let them know you're on your way.

You can always call the customer by pressing the Phone icon if you need to speak with them, relay important information, or need help finding their location. (This will initiate a call from your phone, and therefore your number will be displayed as the caller ID to the customer.)

Updated on: 02/02/2021

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