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Trash and Packing Materials

What to do with packing materials and trash for assembled items:

Included in all services:

As a courtesy to our customers, it is always expected that the technician will break down and move to the customer's trash receptacle all waste generated as a result of assembling their product(s).

Optional removal and disposal of trash:

When the customer is scheduling their service, they are presented with the option to add "Removal and Disposal of Packaging Materials" for an additional fee. If the customer has selected this option, it will be shown on the work order and you will be responsible for removing the trash from the premises and properly disposing of it as a part of the agreed upon job.

If the customer asks about trash removal, but it was not selected as part of the service, please kindly explain to them that it is not part of the standard scope of work and that it was not chosen as an add-on during the booking process, but that it can be added for an additional charge. If they choose to add it please contact us via chat or phone to add it to the customer's invoice.

If the customer did not choose "Removal and Disposal of Packaging Materials" during the booking process, and does not want to add it while you're on-site, you are not required or expected to take the trash with you.

Updated on: 14/01/2021

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