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Verify Scope of Work

Verifying Scope of Work

When arriving at the job site, it is important to verify that the work the customer is asking you to do is inline with what is described on the work order.

Make and Model

Many services, such as Playset Assembly, are based specifically on the make and model of item being assembled. When this is the case, the work order will specifically show Service Type as the brand of item, with the specific Model shown below. It is important to verify that the item is indeed the same as what's listed on the Work Order to ensure that you're being properly paid for the type of assembly.

Item Type

Other services, such as Furniture Assembly, are based on the type of furniture as well as attributes associated to the specific type.
For example, a Desk Assembly project will show the type of desk (such as standard, L-shape, executive, etc), as well as any important attributes such as whether it has a hutch or not.

Optional Services

When the customer is booking an appointment, they are given the option to include "Extras" that are not part of the standard scope of work.
Generally speaking, anything in addition to assembling the item would be considered an Extra, and will be shown on the Work Order.
Examples of services that are not part of the standard scope of work includes:
Moving the item from one room to another.
Hauling away trash. (More about trash and packaging materials here)
Fixing or repairing manufacturer defects.
Hauling away dirt when installing an in-ground basketball goal. (More about in-ground goals here)

Scope of Work Doesn't Match Customer's Expectations

If the customer is asking you to do something that differs from the scope of work shown on the Work Order, please contact us immediately so that we can appropriately price the change(s).
We want to always make sure you are being paid appropriately, and that the customer is being billed properly. By verifying the scope of work immediately upon arrival, and addressing any variances quickly, we can avoid any misunderstandings between you and the customer. Once a job has been started, it's much harder to approach the customer with any change in price.

Updated on: 14/01/2021

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